Last night while the big streaming platforms were battling each other to win Golden Globes, their social media teams were acting like they were drinking champagne at the same party table. It was sort of lovely, especially when you think how much more competitive the streaming world will be next year.

Netflix started the streaming kumbaya by praising the BBCA series Killing Eve, then in replying to a user question about how to watch they recommended Hulu!

Did ABC ever refer viewers to watch NBC? Unless it was a contractual requirement to promote another NFL game, I doubt it! Users then asked if Netflix had been hacked. Or why they were tweeting what seemed like an ad for Hulu.

I would love to know what the Hulu team thought when they started to see these mentions. It didn’t take them long to reply and thus ensuring love, peace and harmony in the streaming world. For a few hours at least!

I am sure there are cynical rationales you could make for this apparent unity — that they share in wanting people to cut the cord, that promoting content (Killing Eve) benefits everyone as streaming rights can shift between services, and that they wanted high engagement in social media. But as a viewer it’s nice to see it, because we are rarely loyal to one service over another. We want the best entertainment and will pay for each service if and when they provide it.

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