Every year a “radically new” designed iPhone comes out. But what is novel about yet another rectangular phone?

That got me wondering: why do we not see more creativity in our smartphone aesthetics? Why not have spherical shapes, oblong bubbles or maybe even one that looks like a pyramid for Lady Gaga?

Back in the mid-00’s there was actually more design variety than today, believe it or not. Before touchscreens not all our flip phones had the exact same shape, some were curvier than others. Then came devices like the Razr and the Slider which were designed to stand out from other phones.

Now in 2018 we have only two major phone providers – Apple and Google. Can you really tell the difference between an iPhone and the Google Pixel phone from a distance? A colorful case is the only way to make your phone distinct from others. BORING.

I believe designers all got together and decided that a touch keyboard MUST appear across a surface shaped like a piece of paper. Maybe I am an idiot for even asking why? This continued into the smart watch era. A watch historically has been circular, but techie designers have only made the smart watch as a square. Why? The keyboard? Complacency?

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