Next week everyone expects that Apple will unveil plans for its new TV streaming service, sometimes dubbed the “Netflix Killer” by thirsty journalists. Actual famous people like Oprah, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon will attend Apple’s “It’s Showtime” live event, ironically not being held in Hollywood but in Silicon Valley.

What will the Service be named?
Huge question: will it simply be “Apple TV”? As that may create confusion with consumers only familiar with the device, perhaps a plus or premium moniker will be added to differentiate the subscription level and original series.

Looking at the existing social handles for Apple TV,  I wonder how they will transition to support the service.

First off, they will need to grow their fan base
While they have nearly 1MM followers on Twitter, there are only 11,000 Facebook fans and 5K Instagram followers and so far zero brand posts. We know Apple hates Mark Zuckerberg, but they are going to have to play on Facebook to be successful. I’d suggest they just create pages for their top shows and not the Apple TV brand.

Also develop original social content
Almost all of the current Apple TV Twitter content promotes network and cable programming, which can be found via the Apple TV app. It’s very similar to what Cable and Satellite providers post about. They actually promote watching Amazon Prime Video content! That will end soon for sure.

If they do stick with the Apple TV product name, they will need to pump up Apple’s original content and develop a  brand voice that fits the service.

We will know more on March 25th and I cannot wait.


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