Spotify wants you to vote! Snapchat wants you to vote! Your favorite millenial influencer wants you to vote! (Insert random “cool” brand) wants you to vote! But vote for whom?

Vote Democrat of course! It’s always been clear to me that pop culture get-out-the-vote drives assume everyone is going to vote blue. Like, why would anyone under the age of 25 vote for Ted Cruz? No, seriously why? He’s the worst.

Back the the point, I wonder if these campaigns have ever energized young Republicans to vote? The first time I remember MTV’s Rock the Vote campaign was during the 1992 presidential election. Did I for one second believe MTV wanted me to go out and vote for George Bush instead of Bill Clinton?

Nothing is more early 1990s than Dee Lite

The reality is that not enough young liberals vote. Older conservatives turn out more, especially in non-presidential election years. That’s why these campaigns exist, but when the message reaches young conservatives, Tomi Lahren and Ben Shapiro acolytes, does it work on them?

Oh wait, here is a Ted Nugent vote PSA from 1992! I don’t think MTV knew he was both insane and Republican at the time.

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