Do you stay home on the weekends to watch Live PD? The popular A&E series, now in it’s third season, airs 3-hours of live police action from around the country every Friday and Saturday. The show must get decent linear ratings, or else it wouldn’t be on all night long.

What surprised me was that Live PD really dominates with time-shifting viewers. Meaning it’s the No. 1 most-watched show for people who are not watching it live!

This is according to data from Inscape (as reported by Deadline), which surveys viewers across nine million homes. Per the table below, Live PD is the most-watched series on DVR, VOD and OTT platforms.

Courtesy: Deadline Hollywood (12/28/2018)

To be fair, OTT could refer to live streaming via the A&E app or services like DIRECTV Now. But the other two viewing methods are clearly not live.

As a semi-regular viewer of Live PD, I do not feel a need to tune in live. I am not worried I’ll miss something by consuming episodes, usually on fast-forward, days or even weeks later. It makes me wonder, does it even need to be live? Cops was heavily edited and ran for decades. Is the “live” tactic more of a marketing lure — as in anything can happen when you’re filming live?

Speaking of live, it is no surprise that sports and news fuel live viewing. It’s fascinating that Friends is the only scripted series to be in the Top 10 of live viewed programs. A 20-year old show with  that’s on Netflix still scores with viewers catching episodes on TBS. No wonder WarnerMedia can charge $100MM a year to stream it.

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