Remember 1995? In watching Showtime’s “The Loudest Voice” limited series about the rise of FOX News I was reminded of that time when major media and tech companies were in a rush to launch 24 hour news channels.

Microsoft/NBC/GE was first to announce MSNBC, then came FOX with plans to launch FOX News. They wanted to beat ABC/Disney to the punch. (ABC later backed out of their plans.)

Sounds a lot like 2019 with streaming media, right? Disney vs Warner vs NBC vs every other media company trying to go OTT. The battle this year has been to shout “hey we are also launching a streaming service!” But why? This article by the great Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter, provides an alternate scenario where WarnerMedia waited to announce HBOMAX instead of their rush to make news in 2019.

Source: What if WarnerMedia Got a Redo on the HBOMax Reveal?

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