How did HBO’s Chernobyl become a hit? Especially in this era of 450+ scripted series all competing for viewer attention?

Think about it, how did you hear about Chernobyl and then decide to watch it?

For myself, none of the common tactics we see from most TV awareness campaigns applied. Was it the same for you?

  • Did I see a Facebook, YouTube, Instagram ad for it? NO
  • Was I aware of a TV ad blitz before the premiere? NO
  • Did I drive by a huge billboard on Sunset Blvd? NO
  • Did I discover the show through search ads? NO
  • Was there a Chernobyl experience (god forbid) at SXSW? NO

What’s it all mean? Great content can emerge and succeed without massive spending and pre-launch awareness. Marketers should consider how to cultivate word of mouth in addition to paid media spending.

Source: How word of mouth turned Chernobyl into a hit

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